Snow Block Puzzle Box - Limited Edition

This difficult sequential discovery puzzle as reviewed by Chris Ramsay!
A block of pure snow holding a secret. Challenge your imagination to discover the 26 steps needed to unlock the box and reveal the frozen secret.
This limited edition puzzle box is the result of over 200 man hours of intricate and innovative design, pitching complex problem solving with chance discovery to challenge your mind.  The back features the designers signature as well as the individual number of the limited edition series.
Weighing almost 1kg, this 3d printed box takes over 80 hours to print. With over 40 individual parts it then takes 2 days to hand assemble. The result is an elegant and striking piece which sits boldly hiding its inner complexity. Can you unlock its secret?
This very difficult, uniquely created sequential discovery puzzle box was designed by Philip Black, whose passion is to create unique and challenging puzzle boxes.
Note: No hitting, shaking force or gravity is needed to open the box.  No tools to be used; only those which the box provides.  The inner workings are delicate, so no movements or actions need excessive force.

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