Square Valley

You play as the Spirit of the Valley, tasked with creating unique lands that meet the needs of the citizens. To achieve this, you will need to place tiles such as houses, trees, farms, animals, and much more! Each tile you position is unique in its characteristics and will be scored accordingly. You'll also create roads, rivers, fences, and more to connect all your tiles together in a meaningful way.

However, your task is not as simple as it sounds. You have limited control over which tiles you can place where. Each round will feel like a new challenge, so you'll have to plan ahead to succeed.

You'll play in three different chapters with a total of 45 levels. With each level you advance, you'll be offered more tiles and have more difficult obstacles to overcome. The journey starts with setting up fences and walls and then moves on to building plateaus, lakes, and even islands! It's no easy task, but we think you'll rise to the challenge! Once you've completed the levels, you can play them again to improve your score and compete in the leaderboards.
With the puzzles randomly generated, it's fun to replay each level. Whenever you finish a challenge, you will have created a unique little world to be proud of. If you are interested in even more random experiences, take a look at the sandbox mode, in which you'll be given a unique level depending on your preferred game settings.

Good luck, Spirit of the Valley go forth and build spectacular little worlds!

+ Each level has a fixed set of tiles, but they are randomly shuffled, so every game is different!
+ More than 150 unique tiles and 8 different edges that span 45 levels across 3 different chapters
+ Feeling competitive? Check out the daily challenge mode or attempt to make it to the leaderboards offered in each level.
+ Feeling creative? Sandbox allows you to customize the settings to play a unique level.
+ We respect players time no in-app purchases or ads.
+ Great for on-the-go short levels, offline play, and one-handed portrait mode.
+ Share your creations with the community! Hide the UI at the end of levels to capture your unique builds.

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