Standard Rhomdo Plus - Original Plastic DIY - Limited Edition

mf8 Standard Rhomdo Plus (Dode-Trapezo-Rhombus) in original plastic color (DIY stickers, limited edition)
The large puzzle is a face turning version of a trapezo-rhombic dodecahedron. It has 12 faces, 6 are rhombuses and 6 are trapezoids. It has 9 distinct turning axis, while the rubik's cube has 3 only.
The interesting geometry that is brought about by the shape allows it to "jumble". There are often multiple jumbling moves you can make, and it significantly increases the difficulty of trying to get the puzzle back into shape (not even taking into account trying to do a full solve).  It's really disorientating, and keeping a frame of reference is a real challenge.

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