- Play Sudoku;
- Check your statistics.

Warnings and Alerts:
- This application is for Wear OS;
- The phone app has two functions: help you to install the watch app AND display the ads for extra hints!
- This app keeps the screen always on by default while playing;
- Some games might have more than one solution;
- Lab features are under development and may present issues;
- By default lab features are disabled, but they can be enabled on the settings menu under the "Lab" category;
- No data is collected by the developer.

- Open the app;
- Click on the level icon;
- Select the level;
- Click on "Play".

- Open the app;
- Click on "How to play";
- Check the instructions and rules.

- Easy: 19 empty cells;
- Medium: 32 empty cells;
- Hard: 46 empty cells;
- Expert: 54 empty cells;
- Insane: 64 empty cells;
- Random: between 19 to 50 empty cells;
- Daily challenge: between 25 to 46 empty cells;

Statistics (for each level):
- Games:
=Played: Number of games started;
=Won: Amount of games won;
=Win rate: A percentage metric that measures the number of impressions won over the number of games played;

- Time:
=Best: Fastest time for the selected level;

- Sequence:
=Current: Current sequence of games won;
=Best: Highest sequence (game won) ever reached;
=Current (on first try): Current sequence of games won without a wrong solution*;
=Best (on first try): Highest sequence (game won) ever reached without a wrong solution*;
*Once the board is full, the app will check whether the board is correct. If the board (solution) is not correct, any changes count as a second try;

Tested devices:
- GW5.

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