Tree Maze Magnetic Game

Hedgehogs love apples, birds lay eggs, and pears slide down the tree into the basket when they are ripe!

Can you sort the colored magnetic beads? Can you get the apples (red beads) into the bag and the pears (yellow beads) into the bushel basket? Can you help the birds collect all their eggs (white beads)?

Use the magnetic pen that's tucked away in the base of the tree to sort the beads, or roll them around the maze and see how hard it is to sort them that way!

Have fun rolling beads through the loops and whorls of the maze!

Enjoy the fun animals and bugs that are fascinated with the movement of the beads through the maze! The tree is surrounded by a fox, hedgehog, snail, ladybug, butterfly, caterpillar, and a flock of birds!

Tree Maze Magnetic Game
  • Roll the colored balls through the toddler-age maze
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, problem solving, planning
  • Use the magnetic pen to sort the balls, or roll them by tilting the maze
  • Wooden maze is self-contained behind thick clear plastic
  • Magnetic pen is attached with a string
  • Magnetic pen stores inside the tree trunk
  • Vibrant colors are visually stimulating
  • Cute animals engage creative thinking
  • Three colors of balls can represent apples, pears, and eggs
  • Includes one self-contained maze with colored magnetic beads and magnetic pen
  • Made of sustainable wood
  • $22.99

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