Trick Shot Bowling 2

10-pin bowling with refined touch controls. Drag with a curve to add spin, or use 1 finger to aim and a second finger to spin for ultra precise shots. Real world scale and advanced physics make this one of the most realistic bowling games ever.

For a different challenge, try our 20 trick shot bowling puzzles. Pick the perfect ball for the puzzle and figure out the best angle and spin to get a strike! The bowling puzzles have unique pin layouts, barriers to avoid, and ramps.

* GameCenter multiplayer bowling. Bowl with friends or a random opponent.
* 24 bowling balls with different weight, hook, speed, and bounce.
* Precise and natural spin controls.
* Realistic bowling physics with a viper oil pattern.
* Classic 10 pin bowling games.
* Trick shot puzzles.
* Play in landscape or portrait.

Trick Shot Bowling 2 is free with ads and a one time purchase to unlock the full game.


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