Unboxing the Cryptic Killer

Unboxing the Cryptic Killer is the first standalone chapter to the cooperative point-and-click puzzle game series 'Cryptic Killer'. Join forces with a friend and play as detective partners Ally and Old Dog in our debut two-player escape room adventure.

IMPORTANT: "Unboxing the Cryptic Killer" is a 2-player cooperative puzzle game, that requires each player to have their own copy on either mobile, tablet, PC or Mac. Internet connection and voice communication are essential. Need a Player Two? Join our Discord community!

Two seasoned detectives, Ally and Old Dog, are entangled in a chilling unsolved case. Lured on a perilous trail, they fall into the clutches of the enigmatic Cryptic Killer they've been relentlessly pursuing. The stakes are sky-high as two innocent lives hang in the balance. In order to save them, Ally and Old Dog must unravel a box of intricate puzzles masterfully designed by the nefarious killer. Test your mettle and join this high-stakes race against time, where every puzzle solved is a step closer to unmasking the Cryptic Killer.

Unboxing the Cryptic Killer is a puzzle for exactly two players. The name of the game is collaboration. Each player takes on one of the two roles and works their way through a series of challenging puzzles. You'll each see one half of the same puzzle and must work together to crack the codes and escape the Cryptic Killer's clutches.

Two Player Co-Op
In Unboxing the Cryptic Killer, the detectives are separated. Youll see different items and clues than your partner, and will be tested on your communication!
Challenging Collaborative Puzzles
Two brains are better than one when it comes to cracking the Cryptic Killer's codes.
Unravel a Thrilling Story
Track the Cryptic Killer's movements as Detectives Old Dog and Ally in this ongoing murder mystery saga.
Explore Illustrated Worlds
Unboxing the Cryptic Killer features hand-illustrated environments that are inspired by noir novels.
Draw on Everything!
You cannot solve a case without taking notes. At any time in the game, you can whip out a notebook and pen to make notes and scribble on your environment.

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