Wave Breaker Puzzle Game

Shifting-Seas Logic Game!

The waves are rising and youre far out at sea in a small red boat. Your challenge: Find an open channel to your home port before the crew declares a mutiny! To play, arrange the boats on color-coded wave bars as instructed on a challenge card, then try to reach safe harbor through the crashing waves. Originally released in 1997 under the title Stormy Seas, Wave Breaker is part of ThinkFuns All Star Logic Games collection.

How to Play:
1) Select a challenge card and set up the Game Grid as indicated.
2) Shift the Waves and Blocker Boats to create a path for the Red Boat.
3) When the Red Boat arrives at the Home Port - YOU WIN!

Contents include:
40 Challenge Cards and Solutions
9 Boats
8 Waves
1 Game Grid

Players: 1
Ages: 8+

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