Word Search Wear - Watch game

Find words on the watch

Word search for Apple watch. You can already wear your word search always at wrist!

#1 Word Search for Apple Watch

At the bus stop and with nothing to do? Take the opportunity to play with your Apple Watch looking for words in this word search.

Waiting for your friends who are late? Play a word search game without the need to take out your iPhone, you can access it directly from the Apple Watch!

The game for Apple Watch is simpler due to its reduced size (5x5 & 6x6 board). However, you can find the categories: "Animals", "Food", "Music", "Plants", "Motor", "Technology", "Colors", "Football", "Objects", "Names", "Countries", "Cities", "Clothing", "Money" and "Body parts".

The words, according to the level, can appear horizontally, vertically, diagonally and in reverse order. At the difficult level, don't appear the help to find the word. Also, different words can use the same letter. As it is a game designed for watch, only words of 5 or less letters will be used. Keep this in mind for the hard level (If you like really hard, try the 6x6 board).

To select the word:
- iPhone / iPad: Slide your finger over the word to select
- Apple Watch: Press the initial letter and quickly press the final letter. In case of error, automatically deselected after a few seconds.

The words are available in English and Spanish! Fast and easy. You wear it in your wrist!


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