Angel Cryptex Cylinder Puzzle Box - Limited Edition

The Angel Cryptex 3D printed puzzle box is a large, beautiful and unique creation!
Printed in elegant Dark Silk Gold and Silk Bronze PLA Filaments, each puzzle takes 38 hours to print and assemble. An eye-catching desktop toy for the office and a perfect gift for puzzle lovers/collectors.
Your goal is to find out how to solve this attractive puzzle box.  The Angel is a two-stage sequential puzzle; Solve the first stage (Four pegs on the outside perimeter) and the Centre Cylinder will move and be ready for stage two. The centre cylinder can be lifted out once stage two is solved.  As usual, clues are printed on the puzzle itself.
Player beware: This is not an easy puzzle, would you dare to take the challenge?!!  
Limited/Collectible Edition is individually numbered and with hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity card from the designer.
Reset instruction / Solution available upon request.
The centre compartment measures: D:5.3cmxH:8.3cm - Fits a gift/credit card).
Fully 3D printed and pre-assembled.
* PLA is a renewable/biodegradable material made from crops such as corn and sugarcane. It has a low melting temperature and will deform if place inside a car on a hot summer day or directly under the sun for a long period of time.
** Warning: Choking Hazard - Contains metal ball bearings, not for children under 5 years.

Skull & crossbonesCHOKING HAZARDSkull & crossbones
Small parts - Not for children under 3

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