Cozy Solitaire

Relaxing Solitaire with No Ads

Relax and enjoy Solitaire with absolutely no ads or in-app purchases.

Cozy Solitaire was designed specifically to give you a relaxing and cozy solitaire experience.

What makes Cozy Solitaire unique? Most solitaire apps are cluttered with ads, making playing anything but relaxing. Besides just being ad-free, Cozy Solitaire also has a fresh look that can be customized to fit your preferences. The effects and animations were created to be satisfying, without overdoing it. Lastly, Cozy Solitaire gives you an encouraging message every day when the daily goal is completed.

No ads: Absolutely no ads or in-app purchases. Pay once and enjoy, ad-free forever.

2 Types of Solitaire: Choose between Klondike or FreeCell Solitaire

Simple user interface: Enjoy a simple user interface that was thoughtfully designed to be easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

Customization: Customize to your hearts content with over 150 different card backs. Choose between a variety of different backgrounds and card fronts to fit your unique taste.

Satisfying experience: Sound effects and subtle vibrations make for a satisfying experience.

Achievements: Complete a variety of achievements to unlock more card back designs.

Daily Reward: Every day there will be a daily goal to complete to unlock an encouraging message for the day, similar to cracking open a fortune cookie at your favorite Chinese restaurant - so satisfying and cozy!

Undo and hint: Use the undo button to go back up to 100 moves. Use the hint button if you get stuck and need help.

3 ways to play: Choose 1 card draw or 3 card draw. For 1 card draw, select a winnable deal that has at least one solution, or a random deal for more of a challenge.

Personalized Settings: Personalize the settings to suit your preferences. Play in left-handed mode, adjust the sound effect and music levels, turn vibrations on or off, and show or hide the top user interface.

LoFi Soundtrack: Lofi beats provide the perfect background music as you play. This chill soundtrack is great for a cozy and relaxing experience. You can also turn the music off if you prefer to play in silence.

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