Polimines Deluxe

Minesweeper x Nonograms

Polimines Deluxe combines Minesweeper and Nonograms for a captivating puzzle experience. Immerse yourself in a difficult game where logical thinking is key, and hidden patterns are everywhere. All levels are designed by hand so that guessing is never necessary.

Features Include:
* 90 different levels to solve, each with unique shapes and sizes
* Hand-Made Levels: From the different layouts to each of the individual clues, every level has been meticulously hand-crafted to be challenging and rewarding
* No Luck Required: Every level in Polimines Deluxe can be solved without guessing
* Relaxing and Minimalist: With no timers to rush you and its minimalist aesthetic, you can take your time solving each level
* It's Polimines 1 and 2 in one package!


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