Cryptex 16 GB USB Stick

A "Cryptex" is a special container which has a mechanical combination lock (rotating rings with letters or digits), which people used hundreds of years ago to keep secrets. Inside the container, there is a compartment with a hidden 16gb usb stick.
This attractive steampunk-themed cryptex variation was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s original sketches. A solidly built metal design, it boasts great quality! You need to know 5-digit code to get access to the USB stick hidden inside. Only the one who has the password can access it. It is a great way not only to protect information, but also to add an element of a game into everyday life. It also makes a great gift!!
Please note that the combination is included with the cryptex (located on the inside of the box lid)  Comes packaged in a brown felt bag that is stored in a nice cardboard container.

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