Hedgehog in a Cage: Original Stainless

Hedgehog in Cage ORIGINAL Stainless Steel! The long-awaited model appears for the first time from this noble material. Stainless steel is very resistant to all external influences, including scratches. Boasting a considerably higher weight than it's aluminum twin, the solid design of the cage is made of one piece of material.
The creator and designer of the puzzle is Radek Micopulos. The hedgehog inside is unscrewable and hides a plan to build a Flying Wheel. The puzzle is stored in a luxurious suede bag and comes in a metal can! The hedgehog is of medium difficulty. This is a limited series.
Total number of spines: 12
Measures approximately 4.7 cm diameter x 8 cm tall / 1.9 in diameter x 3.2 in tall
Made by: Rademic

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