DOP 4: Draw One Part


Have you ever wanted a game to challenge your brain and your talent for drawing?

Solve puzzles by using your powers of logic and lateral thinking as you work your way through a huge series of cute drawings that all have something a little bit wrong with them and its up to you to work it out!

Use your finger to draw and outline the shapes of the parts that the drawings need, and then watch the game color and fill in the rest to complete the picture and take you on to the next challenge.

Once you work out the puzzles you will see that even the funniest drawings are entirely based on logic and lateral thinking, and you will be kicking yourself for even looking at the hints!

Some of the results might surprise you and make you really want to play more!


Use your own finger to complete drawings on your screen and let the game fill in the rest of the picture

A game that is an engaging and fun for your skill at solving puzzles and lateral thinking

Dozens of beautiful drawings to complete and figure out and keep your brain engaged for hours

Uniquely refreshing and engaging gameplay which you will be thinking about all day and coming back for more

A helpful hint system that wont leave you in a lurch and let you get on with the game whenever you get stuck

Lovely music written especially for the game, which is relaxing and catchy at the same time and takes you away from the worries of everyday life

Your progress is saved after every drawing, play the game for as little or as long as you like

A difficulty which is just right, as it grows and draws you in until youre solving puzzles and using your powers of logic like a pro

You dont have to be a great artist, but it helps!


If there is a puzzle that you need a little help with figuring out, there is a helpful hint system that will point your artistic talents in the right direction!
When you play this game, there is a relaxing balance of difficulty and enjoyment where you will feel that you have faced a challenge for your brain but never got annoyed or frustrated.

The gaming sessions can be as long or as short as you want, from solving a single drawing to several hours, as they keep on coming and your progress is always saved!

You can also always play the game together with your friends and family, as your screen doesnt mind whose finger it is!

Download this colorful and fun game of artistic riddles today and bring out your inner artist!

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