The history of the EGG (by designer Wil Strijbos):
"It is now at least 28 years ago that I created this EGG.
The first creation will be in the collection from Jerry Slocum, Dick Hess and some others.  Maximum production at that time was less then ten. In the 90's a company tried to produce the EGG. The result at the end was a broken EGG - too difficult to produce they told me.  So when I saw my EGG again in the collection from James Dalgety I decided to give it a try. See the result here. I’m very proud of the result and I hope you will enjoy playing with it. I’m sure it will be a nice addition to your puzzle collection."
The challenge is: Open ("crack") the egg into two separate pieces!   No Force – No Magnets – No Banging required!
This puzzle is a difficult sequential discovery puzzle that captivates and delights so many puzzle lovers!  It is made of an attractive pink anodized aluminum that also bears the designers signature on the bottom of the egg.  Each egg is uniquely numbered.  As with all of Wil Strijbos designs, this puzzle is extremely high quality, and is a must have for any collection.

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