Escape Room Sword Puzzle

"Escape Room Sword was commissioned by Thijs van Uden of Escape Mijdrecht, Netherlands. Thijs was looking for a puzzle that was not too difficult to solve, and it should be very easy to reset. On 16 February 1988, I designed Hysteresis Key, which was mass-produced by Bits and Pieces as the metal Locomotion puzzle in the 1990's. The challenge of that puzzle was to remove the piston by sliding it up and down, which could a pin to move sideways in a maze pattern. The puzzle could be easily reset by just pushing the piston back in. Escape Room Sword uses the same maze design, but in opposite direction. This makes it a challenge to insert the sword into the slot, but it can always easily be pulled out. The puzzle can be played in the Maya-themed "Tempel of Hunahpu" of Escape Mijdrecht."

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