First Box - Sequential Discovery Puzzle

Wil Strijbos originally designed this puzzle around 1984 and it was his first puzzle box. At that time he produced only 6 of them (for Jerry Slocum – Nob. Yoshigahara – Dick Hess – Edward Hordern – James Dalgety). Now he has reproduced this design in an improved, metal version (previously it had been made of Formica or a similar material).
The challenge is: Try to get the Rod out. No Tapping required – No Magnets – No External Tools.
This puzzle is a coveted sequential discovery puzzle that captivates and delights so many puzzle lovers!  It is larger and heavier than it may first appear.  The box is 70 mm x 70 mm x 70 mm and weighs 765 grams!  It is made of an attractive blue anodized aluminum that also bears the designers signature on the front of the box.  There are small holes on the sides, and one on the bottom which displays a tiny sad face when peering inside.  As with all of Wil Strijbos designs, this puzzle is extremely high quality, and is a must have for any collection.

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