Gott'cha! Rubik's Cube - book (4th Edition

Gott'cha! Rubik's Cube full color simple solution book (4th Edition) is the sure cure for the cube (without [X+Y-Z = CRAZY]). It is an easy to understand update to one of the early solutions to that frustrating puzzle - the Rubik's Cube.
The puzzle, with its six different colored sides, is an enigma. It looks simple, but it's not. Don't fret, with this guide you can solve it, once and for all.
Features a solution that is:

Concise, but complete and unambiguous
Thoroughly illustrated with full-color photos
Based on four formulas
Not color dependent (does not require a pre-determined "home" color position)

Author: Phillip Morales
Printed in the USA, 4th Edition published in 2018

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