Rubiks Cube Solution for Kids: A Simple 7 Step Beginners Guide to Solving the Rubik's Cube Puzzle with Logic

Has this cube confused, baffled or frustrated you? Have you ever thought of just changing the stickers to solve the cube? Do you think that these things are just impossible and you'll never do one? (Get the E-book absolutely FREE when you purchase the colored paperback!) Did you know it took the inventor of the cube ErnQ Rubik a whole month to solve his own creation? Did you know we're going to do it in a fraction of that time? This book has been tested and readers have completed the cube in under an hour from picking it up! What's in this book - Rubik's Cube terminology - Seven simple steps to complete the cube - Images in color to help you - The history and timeline of the cube - Interesting & fascinating facts about the cube What're you waiting for!? There's no need to take apart the cube or the stickers and put them back on. Scroll up and click 'add to cart' button now so we can begin to solve that cube!

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