Hexa Sort

Smart Sorting

Do you love color puzzles? Then Hexa Sort Puzzle game is a treat for you!
Hexa Sort gives a twist to the classic sort puzzle game.
Place the hexagon tile stacks on the board by color and watch the magic of sorting happen. The same colored hexa tiles will sort into places and merge with satisfying effects. Each level gives you a goal to collect a number of pieces. Keep track of the progress bar, the more merges you make the faster the bar fills up. Every time you pass a level the special pieces build up and unveil a unique shape once the collection is complete.

Free to play sorting puzzle game with its minimalistic graphics create a calm environment for you.
Relax and sort vibrant colors set against the light board. You can drag the board around to view it from different angles. Level up to play more brain challenging puzzles. Stuck on a difficult puzzle? Unlock extra tile slots when you run out of space and keep playing. Invite your friends to play and try to beat each other's best score.

Easy to play & relaxing gameplay
Smooth 3d graphics
Vibrant Colors
Power-ups & Boosters
Satisfying ASMR sound effects

The fun and easy to play mechanics get you hooked. Enjoy sorting the tiles and watch them merge with satisfying ASMR sound and visual effects.

Feeling stuck on a level? Use the Hammer booster to break a stack of tiles or use the Replace power-up to swap two stacks of hexagon tiles that will auto-sort and merge.

Enjoy a relaxing gameplay and sooth your brain with minimalistic background with tiles in vibrant colors.

This 3D sort puzzle game will sharpen your mind and train your brain.
Sort the tiles by color and train your brain to focus better.


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