This is a very high quality metal puzzle. You won't find a puzzle like this of this quality anywhere else.  It is made of stainless steel and brass.
This hefty version of the hedgehog puzzle is new from RADEMIC PUZZLES and combines two different types of puzzles. It consists of an outer HEXA Cage and an inner HEXA Cage. 
The outer cage is a collapsible three-dimensional jigsaw of sorts that consists of 14 unique parts.  It starts from the bottom circular base, then twelve curved hexagonal parts to the top circular cap.  Assembly is the difficult portion of the outer hexa cage since it is held together delicately at the grooved segments. Outer Hexa Cage ships unassembled.
The objective of the smaller HEXA cage is to remove the small hexagon segment.  Removal is not as usual as it may seem and requires the correct positioning.  It takes a bit of practice, but after a few attempts you will learn the specific approach! The inner HEXA cage does not disassemble.
Made by: Rademic Puzzles

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