Revenge Lock aka "The Wanderer

An intriguing and hefty metal puzzle lock designed by Wil Strijbos!  The front of the lock bears the name "Revenge Lock", as well as the signature of its designer, as well as his Streetwise branding.  This puzzle is also known as "The Wanderer".  A perfect puzzle for the collector!
Inspired by the puzzle by Gary Foshee, (the "Lunatic Lock"), Wil Strijbos (with permission) created a look-alike lock with a modified internal mechanism - the Revenge Lock.  At the time, (1990's), 20 or 30 Revenge locks were made.  After revamping this puzzle several years ago, Wil thought he was ready for production.  The Wanderer came to test his lock and solved it in an impossible way.  This caused Wil to redesign the internal mechanism to force the solver to start from the correct position, with no chance of starting halfway through. (When the lock is in the frame, it is in the starting position) To add even more control to the positions along the way, he put a Wanderer inside - which is why the name changed from Revenge Lock to "The Wanderer".
The challenges in this lock are described in two parts:    
First Part:
1- Discover your Number
2 - Open the Shackle
3 - Remove the Brass Key
4 - Find the Tiny Wanderer    
Second Part:
5 - Replace the Wanderer - Brass Key - Shackle
6 - Put the Lock back in the Frame.
7 - Fix the Lock back into the Frame.
There are no magnets, no banging required, no force needed, and no external tools required.
Size:  78mm x 100mm (height to the top of the shackle) x 20mm

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