Intrism Mini DIY Marble Maze Puzzle

The Compact 3D Build-it-yourself Marble Maze Puzzle!

Dont let the name fool you, Intrism Mini packs a punch. Comprised of 130 pieces of laser-cut wood, it comes with everything you need to start assembling right out of the box no tools or glue required! Put the puzzle together, then use your problem-solving skills to conquer the maze. Clear your calendar, because you will be engrossed in Intrism Mini for the next few hours, days, or even weeks as you twist and turn through 50 obstacles over 3 levels to the finish line.

Intrism Mini is mid-level marble maze challenge. Assembly on the other hand is quite a bit easier. The wood can also be stained, painted or varnished to add your own personalized look.
Display Intrism Mini on a shelf, coffee table, or desk and see how it fascinates anyone who steps into the room. A work of art and a challenging puzzle all in one.

Contents include:
123 Wooden Pieces (including display stand)
Interlocking acrylic enclosure
Glass marble (black)
Printed assembly guide in English

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