RADEMIC has created a new and challenging original puzzle design based on the theme of Jules Verne and his trilogy of books. 
The multi-task puzzle has two stainless steel - brass balls inside, which you have to remove with the help of a movable periscope and look for other encrypted secrets. The round cage is made of turquoise anodized duralumin and the interior of the "submarine with windows" is made of brushed stainless steel.
Part of the puzzle is a leather bag, which also serves as a game pad decorated with a compass rose motif. The innovative multi-tasking design also requires the use of the Internet and the search for hidden clues.
Enclosure reads:
"Congratulations on getting your item from my submarine! It's a puzle I've solved on my travels to the seas and oceans of the world.  You can now find out its countless secrets too!  - Nemo"
1.  Take out the balls with a hidden secret
2.  Arrange the hidden clues in the correct order
3.  Google the EXACTLY TRANSCRIBED clues, written with spaces and find other tasks.

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