MasterPieces Green Acres Jigsaw Puzzle - Cluckington Palace - 300 Piece

Embark on a whimsical journey with this 300-piece EZGrip puzzle. Dive into a world where hens reside in luxury and a curious rooster sneaks a peek into the grandeur of the most opulent coop in town. Against a backdrop of intricate decorations and plush hen nests, one audacious rooster stands out, bringing humor and charm to the scene. Every puzzle piece paints a picture of feathered friends living their fanciest lives, stirring chuckles and admiration alike. With our EZGrip technology, piecing together the drama of the coop becomes a delightful dalliance. Whether you're a fledgling puzzler or a seasoned enthusiast, this jigsaw ensures every connection is smooth and satisfying.

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