Nuts & Bolts, Color Screw Sort

The #1 simple but addictive, fun, and challenging Screw sort puzzle game for you! It is the best free nuts and bolts sorting puzzle game for you to train your brain, kill free time and relax!

If youd like to train your combinational logic, this Nuts & Bolts, Color Screw Sort game is just for you! Its the most relaxing and challenging puzzle game, and its not timed.

This Nuts & Bolts, Color Screw Sort game is quite simple, but its very addictive and challenging. The difficulties of levels are increasing. The higher level you play, the more difficult it would be, and the more careful you would be for each move. This is the best way to train your critical thinking.

How to Play
Imagine a pile of nuts of different colors scattered all over the place. Your task as a Nuts Master is to sort them out by color onto corresponding bolt. Sounds simple, right? Think again! The color sort game presents a challenging task by mixing all the nuts, making it hard to find the corresponding bolt. The goal is to sort them out in the shortest time possible, with the least amount of moves possible. Its a perfect color sort game to test your cognitive and problem-solving abilities.
- No timer, and you can always restart when you get stuck at any time.
- No penalties. Take it easy and just relax!

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