Piston Puzzle is a top quality 7-stage sequential discovery puzzle from Felix Ure.  The objective is to find the brass ball.  This incredibly attractive puzzle has been machined from solid brass and weighs over 1 KG!  The brass has been left unfinished, leaving it to slowly patinate and darken with use.  Felix has not included a solution with this difficult puzzle, since the struggle is part of the joy of solving it.
The puzzle is packaged in a thick velvet bag and ships in a plain black cardboard box.  The packaging is all ethically and sustainably sourced, and all boxes are made from recycled cardboard.
Felix is a 30 year old product designer based in Croydon, South-London. He has a BSc in Product design, and spent 5 years as lead designer at a high-end door hardware company, where he developed a passion for well-made, heavy, over-engineered products. He started at the Wimbledon studio in mid 2020 to make his own products full time.
Size:  Diameter 48mm. Height 96mm.

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