Pachinko Box - Sequential Discovery Puzzle

Many fans of designer Wil Strijbos were waiting with anticipation for this amazing sequential discovery puzzle to become a reality!  Available now in a limited edition quantity, this fanastic box will captivate the puzzle devotee!
The challenge is to free the two coins.
Instructions: Please don't use any force! Just turn things over, slide things back and forth carefully, change positions etc. No "external tools" are required. Always play over a clean table (there's a good reason!). No Banging, No Rotational Moves, and No Force Required at all!
This puzzle is a coveted sequential discovery puzzle that captivates and delights so many puzzle lovers! It is a fairly large and heavy puzzle weighing in at over 1.4 kg!  It is made of aluminum and steel and bears the puzzle name, the number of the limited edition and the designers signature on the front of the box.  There are several "windows" and slots as well as a springy pinball style plunger (hence the Pachinko puzzle name!, that will give you plenty of ideas on how to begin to solve it.
As with all of Wil Strijbos designs, this puzzle is extremely high quality, and is a must have for any collection.

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