Playdoku: Block Puzzle Game

Block blast & sudoku mechanics

Dive into Playdoky's captivating world. Solve ingenious block puzzles, unwind with soothing gameplay. Your journey starts now!

Playdoku: Block Puzzle is a classic block puzzle game with sudoku mechanics and modern design. In the game, you have to place blocks of different shapes on the game board.

Charge your BRAIN EVERY DAY!

Brain Feature is a new activity for you. Get a score to upgrade your brain level every day. You can collect points in each mode: classic, challenge, gem-mode. It counts for features even if a player loses level. Progress saves for previous days. Get the maximum brain level and gets a Streak line. Rise up your brain level today

Journey Mode

Journey Mode is a level-based mode that takes you on a journey of progressively increasing difficulty. With a large number of levels, each one presenting a unique challenge, you won't get bored. However, you can't replay previous levels to improve your score, so every level counts.

lean and minimalist design

One standout feature of the game is its clean and minimalist design, perfect for block puzzle enthusiasts. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, makes it easy for players to dive right in. The pleasing color scheme adds to the overall aesthetic, creating an enjoyable experience for all.

Playdoku is a classic puzzle game that has no time limits, and additional modes are available. Play Playdoku: A classic puzzle game for every day.
Main features of the game:

- Playdoku is a classic puzzle game with some additional modes.
- No time limits.
- Suitable for people of different ages.
- Multiple game modes add variety.
- Simple rules and easy management.
- Exciting gameplay.
- Gradual increase in difficulty level.
- Rating tables to track your progress.
- Real pleasure from the puzzle block game without Wi-Fi.
- Innovations in classics with additional functionality.
- Pleasant interface.

Earn the maximum number of points and become the best player in Playdoku, a puzzle game that uses classical mechanics!

How to play Playdoku Block Puzzle:

- Drag a block into a grid. Most puzzle games are 10x10, we offer the classic version of the 9x9 board.
- Place the blocks in rows or columns to remove them from the board.
- The game will end when there is no room for more blocks on the board.
- Blocks cannot be rotated.
- You earn points for each completed row or column.

Get to know the additional features of Playdoku, a classic puzzle game! Like Tetris, the game requires certain logical skills and strategies throughout the game, from start to finish. Each move determines the outcome of the game.

Block games intensify your strategic thinking with every move. The puzzle games for adults have a classic Tetris style, various shapes of blocks, and a mode with crystals. Well-thought-out game logic trains your brain, improving your ability to solve all kinds of puzzle games with every game! The classic style of the game also provides inner peace! A game with simple logic to solve the block sudoku, but with the most effective way to train your brain.

Go and enjoy the Playdoku: Block Puzzle game now! Become the master of the puzzle game now!


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