Portapuzzle Standard Jigsaw Accessory (1500 Pieces) | Jigsaw

Gone are the days when moving your puzzle from place to place was a worry. This lightweight, robust unit is equipped in everyway to make your puzzling experience fun and easy.
With a specially designed interior, you can be assured your puzzle pieces will not move once in place. With extra work surfaces, you can easliy separate your chosen pieces and keep them together.
This all comes together with secure velcro fastenings for extra protection. With this poratable puzzle holder, you will never have to worry about moving or storing incomplete puzzles again.
Storing and Cleaning
-Always use the centreboard to store the main puzzle and place the loose panel on top.
-Close and fasten all four flaps, to secure the puzzle
-Warning! Only use a dry cloth or vacum cleaner upholstery head to clean the portapuzzle. Although flexible, DO NOT bend the Portapuzzle.

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