Puzzler's Place - Large Piece Format | Jigsaw

Assemble 750 high-quality pieces to reveal a a puzzler's cozy haven.
Easy-grip pieces in the palm of your hand! Over-sized pieces are easier to see and handle as you piece together these high-quality puzzles from Ravensburger.  Each puzzles design is constructed with our exclusive materials and specially-designed tools to ensure the highest quality puzzling experience.  Ravensburger creates a perfect interlocking fit with no tearing or dust. No two pieces are ever the same shape! Extra-thick cardboard pieces mean your puzzle will last for years and our fine, linen-structured paper eliminates glare so you can really see the details.
750 Pieces
Finished puzzle measures: Approx. 32 in x 24 in / 80 cm x 60 cm
Made by: Ravensburger
Art by:Tetiana Bulba

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