Quintus Extreme Cast Puzzle

This intriguing interlocking metal puzzle consists of 5 rings that combine to make a flat trivet-style coaster. The easy part is taking them apart. Give it a shake and it falls apart in your hand. A quick inspection reveals that each of the rings is connected and also marked with a unique arrangement of grooves. The difficult part is to figure out how the 5 loops reassemble into the elegant braided presentation that you started with! Be warned that this is extremely difficult!

This puzzle was designed by Oskar van Deventer and features a weave pattern invented by Bram Cohen. The wrapping-around concept is similar to Carl Hoff's award winning WOW5 puzzle. Finally, the idea to turn a puzzle ring into a coaster comes from Serhiy Grabarchuk's who created the Cast Coaster puzzle produced by Hanayama.

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