Reactor Nuclear Packing Puzzle

It’s about to go critical! The plutonium rods have been improperly stored, and a radioactive disaster is only moments away! Worse yet, some of the rods have begun to glow red-hot with radioactive decay. You must pack all the rods flush in the container, while balancing the ambient radiation, so that it can be sealed and transported to a nearby containment facility.
Reactor is a simple but tricky packing puzzle. Although in reality there are no radioactive materials involved, you might feel like unseen forces are working against your efforts. Each rod can be one of three different depths, and each hole you insert them into will have to be at least as deep in order for the puzzle to be solved. Once the lid rests on the box with all the materials sealed inside you can rest easy, until the next time...
Comes with two different sets of rods; 7 "plutonium" pieces (base set) whose difficulty is beginner, and 8 "uranium" pieces (expansion set) whose difficulty is beginner+
Other Expansion Sets are available for sale:

Radium (expansion set gold): Intermediate
Polonium (expansion set blue): Intermediate+
Thorium (expansion set copper): Advanced
Cesium (expansion set black): Advanced+

Small pieces; not intended for children. This item is 3D printed and handmade so expect minor imperfections.

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