Rune Cube - Limited Edition

Limited Edition: Only 200 produced. Puzzle comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.
The Rune Cube is a puzzle box, measuring about 7 cm cubed (perfectly hand-sized!)  Your first challenge is to find the key inside.  Protect your key well since this allows you the ability to rearrange the sides of the box into new sequences to keep it locked.
All 6 sides of the Rune Cube shift in two directions according to each maze.  Once the maze sequence is solved the box can be opened.  All the parts of this box may be rearranged and put on many different ways creating solving sequences as difficult as 115 moves or as few as 6 moves to unlock. The maze plates may be rotated and even flipped since both sides are finished. After it is solved there is a hex key hidden inside that allows the ability to remove the sides and rearrange the box locking it to a new sequence. The key allows back door access to the box for the owner, but unless someone else has the same size key, they must solve the problem to open and close it.
Instructions and 23 problems are included.
The Rune Cube is a new puzzle creation deriving its inspirations from the Rune Box and the Maze Burr that were also made by Kagen Sound. It is a puzzle box like the original Rune Box with fixed shifting sides and grants access to a interior compartment after the sides are shifted. It is also like the Maze Burr since the maze and peg mechanism can be seen.  Special mention to John Rausch who coded a program to search for interesting problems based on specific 3x3 mazes that Kagen Sound used for the making of the Rune Box and Maze Burr.

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