Screw Puzzle

Become a master of Screw Game

Seem easy, but demands a smart strategy for a perfect solution. Enjoy the puzzle challenges with nuts and bolts.

Welcome to the enigmatic realm of Screw Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts Game, where mind-bending conundrums await your prowess! Are you ready to become a Screw Master?
If you like playing screw puzzle game, Screw Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts is designed for you! Dive into a convoluted labyrinth of twisted iron sheets and plates, adorned with forsaken bolt fragments and rings, presenting an epic and intricate puzzle odyssey. You will find a hundred levels of fun screw puzzle game. There will be different nuts and bolts for each level, try it yourself!

How to play Screw Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts Game:
- As a seasoned artisan, deftly unlock screws and disentangle each contorted piece of iron from the intricate tapestry of impediments.
- Embark on a journey through meticulously sculpted levels, encountering a mesh of interwoven metal plates, rings, and ropes at every twist and turn.
- Untangle the knots of rope and liberate the iron components to immerse yourself in the intricate yet immensely rewarding universe of Nuts & Bolts.
- Certain stages unveil metal masterpieces crafted from the very plates themselves, while in others, you'll wield a handsaw to carve these plates, exposing more apertures to secure your bolts.
- Move each bolt wisely so that all the parts can screw quickly

Main Feature of Screw Puzzle Nuts and Bolts:
- Satisfy ASMR sound while playing screw puzzle - No time limit, enjoy the game at your pace
- Different levels with unique maps in Nuts and bolts game with easy mode and hard mode
- Try hard to become a screw master after winning hundreds of screw nut puzzle

Do you possess the foresight and cerebral acumen to untangle these mazes within the township? Prepare to challenge your intellect and etch your name into the annals of bridge construction legend. Become a screw master now!


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