The Skull (aka - Cranium

The Skull is a difficult sequential assembly/disassembly puzzle whose final form is a grim visage! The metal pieces must be analyzed and constructed in a very distinct order to realize the final form. When you have successfully taken it apart and reassembled it, there is a 3 unit locking piece that goes right through and into the top of the skull. An enthralling design with a HEFTY composition, this puzzle is also impressive on display!
Consisting of 67 pieces it will take 116 moves to solve and is a puzzlers dream.  This is a puzzle that everyone will want in their collection!
Original design by Jerry Loo, who also designed the Dirty Dozen & Lattice puzzles (from our last Kickstarter campaign)
Part of the Puzzle Master Metal Collection.
Material: Stainless Steel
After successfully producing his first stainless steel burr-style interlocking puzzle the Dirty Dozen, designer Jerry Loo wanted to try out another interlocking design in metal. Getting his inspiration from the stunning puzzle sculptures of Miguel Berrocal, he designed a 3D skull using Burr Tools. Fabricating the metal pieces proved to be a challenge, which resulted in several revisions to his initial design. The final result is this stunning puzzle treasure!

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