The Stretchers - Nintendo Switch

The world has a bad case of the Dizzies - residents dizzied by Captain Brains - and only you can rescue them! Work with a friend in co-op or skillfully control two medics on your own to overcome the physics-based puzzles of each madcap mission. Either way, how you go about it is totally up to you, whether you work together to transport many Dizzies at once on a stretcher or work in parallel by splitting up dragging the Dizzies to the ambulance one by one. As you play and replay missions, youll complete bonus objectives and uncover hidden collectibles with hilarious results!

Youll also unlock additional hats, costume colors, and furniture for your home base by exploring mission areas and the world map. When you receive a distress call, dont be afraid to get curious and experiment. You never know what hilarity will ensue, whether its the laugh-out-loud writing or yet another unexpected slapstick situation. But dont let the levity distract you from your ultimate mission: to stop the evil mastermind Captain Brains and the spread of his chaotic Dizzies!

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