Unboxing the Cryptic Killer

Solve The Cryptic Box Together

Unravel the mystery of a cryptic box in this 2-player co-op puzzle game. Play as two detectives, solve puzzles, communicate effectively, and outsmart the killer.

Unboxing the Cryptic Killer is the first two-player cooperative point-and-click escape room in the "Cryptic Killer" series. Join forces with a friend and play as detective partners Ally and Old Dog in our debut two-player escape room adventure.
Up against a decade-old cold case and a dangerous foe, can you help them solve the puzzles, crack the codes, and escape the clutches of the Cryptic Killer?


Two heads are better than one, and teamwork is essential to outsmart the Cryptic Killer. With separate screens, you and a friend each get half of a puzzle at each location. Communicate and cooperate to test your puzzle-solving abilities to the max.

- Break into the locked box by cracking codes
- Merge your insights to tackle intricate puzzles
- Control buttons, shift controllers, and decipher clues together to escape
- Enjoy retro-style mini-games
- Unlock padlocks and progress by solving codes
- Interact with NPCs sharing your predicament
- Think outside the box - some puzzles need on-screen drawing


- Two Player Co-Op: Detectives are separated in this game, encountering different items and clues than their partner. Test your communication skills!
- Complex Team Puzzles: Work together to outsmart the Cryptic Killer with two minds tackling the codes.
- Engaging Narrative: Follow Detectives Old Dog and Ally on their quest to unravel the Cryptic Killers actions in this captivating murder mystery.
- Illustrated Environments: Delve into the noir-inspired, hand-illustrated worlds of Unboxing the Cryptic Killer.
- Note-Taking Galore! Crack the case with your trusty notebook and pen, available for scribbling and annotating your environment anytime during the game.


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