Word Maker - Word Puzzles

Crossword and Word Connect Fun

Ready to have a blast? Install and play Word Maker - the free word connect game app that will turn into your go-to brain training game in no time. The best combination of free word games, crossword puzzles, word connect and word search games - Word Maker app was designed for all players who'd love to escape to a magic 'wordscape' land of relaxation and fun.

You're hereby invited to install Word Maker to your device and start training and testing your mind skills and vocabulary when connecting letters and solving crosswords! You're welcome to play Word Maker any day, on your breaks from work, school, while traveling, as it can always be a such fun pastime. Word Maker is online, within your reach, should you choose to stay in and opt for a fun, relaxing game that the whole family can enjoy.

Fans of word games online and offline, measure up your word search and letter connecting skills - will you be able to find all the words hidden in the crosswords? Are you up for this free word game puzzle challenge? Will you be up to unlock as many Word Maker levels as possible, in a virtual world tour?

From New York to L.A. and around the globe, jump on this addictive letters-combining, word connecting adventure to discover new crosswords challenges and enrich your vocabulary at the same time:
- Exercise your brain with thousands of challenging word puzzles.
- Test your word games skills, enhance your vocabulary and unlock new Word Maker levels as you climb the vocabulary ladder. How many of the 2000+ levels are you prepared to unlock?
- Earn gold coins every step of this exciting word search game adventure!

- Swipe the letters in all directions to line up and combine these letters into words that fill up the crosswords blanks horizontally and vertically on the board
- Tap the Hint buttons to get clues on word connecting
- Tap the Shuffle button to change the order of letters
- Get more hints on connecting words and letters with the help of coins you collected or by watching videos

- Over 2000 levels to unlock and so many cities to open in your crosswords solving adventure
- Thousands of unique, free word games challenges anyone can enjoy in a sort of 'wordscape' from daily stress.
- Well-designed word search game and crosswords interfaces, beautiful graphics and backgrounds that take you on a global tour with our unique Travel Theme
- Search and connect as many words as possible to unlock new levels and earn extra bonus coins.
- Free Daily bonus rewards - it's worth solving those crosswords every day!
- Word games that are suitable for both kids and adults.
- The perfect exercise for your memory and your mind skills.
- Test your vocabulary limitations and enhance word puzzle knowledge.

Join us to discover everything the Word Maker game has to offer, play and connect words every day and your brain will thank you for the workout!
If you need to stay indoors, playing games such as Word Maker will give you an extra boost of fun and relaxation while staying safe!

Enjoy playing Word Maker, searching and connecting words? Leave us your rating and review - we look forward to hearing from our players!


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