R2D2 is a puzzle by the infamous "Roger D".  Roger D is a mysterious puzzle designer from Germany, and his actual identity is known only to a few. Roger is known throughout the puzzling world for his extremely difficult and high quality machined aluminum puzzles. Roger's puzzles are produced in relatively small numbers and are highly collectible, they are also sold with no information as to the objective of the puzzles and this is classed as adding an extra degree of difficulty to them.
R2D2 is an aluminum puzzle with steel balls and a clear acrylic cover which is bolted down to the top.  The name of the puzzle is also nicely engraved into one of the sides.  To solve this puzzle, you must use logic and dexterity!
This puzzle from Roger D. looks very similar to the Alles Roger puzzle, however they vary in difficulty levels, with Alles Roger being the more challenging of the two kindred dexterity puzzles.

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