The Hangar

A covert sequential discovery Lego puzzle box by Andrew Parr. Puzzle Master is the exclusive seller of his incredibly unique and attractive LEGO puzzle boxes!
The Secret Intelligence Agency has been working on a classified prototype vehicle which our organization would like to obtain. We are asking you, the distinguished underground agent-for-hire, to infiltrate The Hangar and complete the following four objectives:
Objective 1: navigate a path through The Hangar. Using your instincts, memory, and sense of feel, can you find a path through the deceptively challenging hidden maze of corridors in The Hangar?
Objective 2: commandeer a pilot. You will need to convince a pilot to operate the prototype vehicle for you. Your powers of persuasion and mind control will come in handy. The real challenge will be finding the pilot.
Objective 3: unlock the vehicle room. You'll have to find the room first. And of course, you'll need a key.
Objective 4: steal the prototype vehicle. You will know you have succeeded when the pilot is united with the vehicle.
This puzzle box is a wonderful focal point and conversation starter for any room. The Hangar is a sequential discovery puzzle box which consists of clever mechanics which create unexpected challenges and surprises. Only the most clever spy will be successful! It is recommended for older solvers as it requires a reasonably gentle touch at various stages of the solve. While not as indestructible as some of my other puzzle boxes, you can expect to have an excellent experience with this product if you follow the instructions that come with the puzzle. You will find all the tools you need to unlock the box hidden within the puzzle. The only rule is don't take any pieces apart!
Made using 789 LEGO pieces.
Andrew Parr is a respected name in the puzzle world. He has written dozens of puzzles series for escape room companies worldwide. In addition to co-authoring several puzzle books, he is a regular contributor to Games World of Puzzles magazine. He is also a Lego enthusiast and has been creating devious puzzle boxes for years. His work has been seen in various magazines and newspapers, and he has been interviewed on podcasts and Canada's national radio and television networks.  

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