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  1. 🏆🥇1. BlockBlast

    Block Blast: A perfect mix of block and brain Puzzle games, combining creativity with the classics! The simple control, wonderful sound effects, and a great rhythm! Block Blast will leave you wanting more! Aside from the classical brain gameplay, you will also experience a whole new original COMBO gameplay. Drag and drop blocks onto the board to fill a row or column to complete elimination and

  2. 🥈2. NYT Games: Word Games & Sudoku

    Keep your mind sharp with word and logic puzzles from New York Times Games. Free to download, the app offers new puzzles daily for every skill level. App Features and Games: NEW AD-FREE PUZZLES DAILY There are never any ads to disrupt the fun in The New York Times Games app, so you can play without distraction. WORDLE Play the original Wordle created by Josh Wardle in our app. Guess the 5-le

  3. 🥉3. Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle

    Introducing Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle, a captivating game designed to challenge your problem-solving skills! This game is perfect for fans of brain tests, quiz and IQ games. Key Features: - Creative Gameplay: Master the art of strategically rotating wooden bolts to fit them into place. - Multiple Difficulty Levels: Embark on a journey through 100+ levels, from beginner to advanced. Each lev

  4. 4. Cryptogram: Word Brain Puzzle

    Are you ready for a brain workout? This is Cryptogram and it truly is the ultimate word brain puzzle. Why? Let us tell you just what you'll find in this brain teaser. Cryptogram: Word Brain Puzzle is a letter decoding game than will have those neurons firing faster than you can say go as you try to come up with the answer to the cryptogram. Unencrypted the puzzle and figure out what those numb

  5. 5. Wordscapes

    Playing Wordscapes 10 mins a day sharpens your mind and prepares you for your daily life and challenges! This text twist of a word game is tremendous brain challenging fun. Enjoy modern word puzzles with the best of word searching, anagrams, and crosswords! Immerse yourself into the beautiful scenery backgrounds to relax and ease your mind. Challenge yourself to connect letters and find as m

  6. 6. Word Search Explorer: Fun Game

    With Word Search Explorer embark on a wondrous quest of adventure and wisdom, where the fun never stops! This FREE TO PLAY word game makes learning new words so easy and much more fun. Flex your brain, connect the letters and swipe your way through hundreds of word puzzles, while steadily growing your vocabulary and confidence for the challenges ahead! Successfully completing each puzzle will

  7. 7. Royal Match

    King Robert needs your help to restore Royal Castles former glory. Break the obstacles and combine amazing power-ups to beat joyful and challenging levels! Keep unlocking wonderful areas by playing fun match-3 levels! Come along now and join the fun! Once you play, you will come for Royal Match every day! Royal Match features: A new unique taste in match-3 levels with amusing obstacles and f

  8. 8. Fishdom

    Never Fishdomed before? Then take a deep breath and dive into an underwater world of match-3 fun! Engage in challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with unique twists as you decorate tanks to create cozy homes for your lovely fish. Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other. Hey, your finned friends are waiting for youSO DIVE IN NOW! Features: Unique gameplay: swap and m

  9. 9. Water Sort Puzzle: Get Color

    Need personal coloring therapy? Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle is a great stress and anxiety relief. Thousands of colorful and inspiring color puzzle, designed to relax, expel negative thoughts and take away all the worries. Download Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle and get a personal relaxing colores puzzle with a broad range of levels. Find the most interesting rainbow puzzles and sort them any t

  10. 10. Tetris

    Welcome to TETRIS, the official mobile app for the worlds favorite puzzle game. Play through hundreds of unique TETRIS Levels in a new Tetris experience. Play a quick round to beat your own score, or play infinite rounds to master your skills in the TETRIS Single Player Modes. TETRIS forever! Enjoy the ultimate block puzzle game with these amazing features: PLAY HUNDREDS OF TETRIS LEVELS Pu

  11. 11. Hexa Sort

    Do you love color puzzles? Then Hexa Sort Puzzle game is a treat for you! Hexa Sort gives a twist to the classic sort puzzle game. Place the hexagon tile stacks on the board by color and watch the magic of sorting happen. The same colored hexa tiles will sort into places and merge with satisfying effects. Each level gives you a goal to collect a number of pieces. Keep track of the progress bar,

  12. 12. Gardenscapes

    Welcome to Gardenscapesthe first hit from Playrix's Scapes series! Solve match-3 puzzles to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory! Embark on an adventurous journey: beat match-3 levels, restore and decorate different areas in the garden, get to the bottom of the secrets it holds, and enjoy the company of amusing in-game characters, including Austin, your butler! What are you waiting

  13. 13. Travel Town - Merge Adventure

    Explore Travel Town, where you can combine everything into better and more useful items while you travel the world! Reveal secrets as you discover yourself and help the friendly people of Travel Town! TRAVEL TOWN FEATURES: == Match Objects == Discover over 500 fantastic objects through hundreds of levels! Freely drag objects around the beautiful world and match 2 of a kind evolve them into

  14. 14. Match Factory!

    Welcome to Match Factory - The Ultimate 3D Puzzle Adventure! Dive into the fascinating world of Match Factory, the brand new puzzle game from the creators of Toon Blast & Toy Blast. Once you play, you will come for Match Factory every day! Connect identical items, sort tiles, and clear the board in this mesmerizing match 3D game. Challenge your puzzle-solving skills as you keep sorting an

  15. 15. Candy Crush Saga

    Start playingCandy Crush Sagatoday a legendarypuzzle gameloved by millions of players around the world. With over a trillionlevelsplayed, thissweetmatch 3puzzle gameis one of the mostpopularmobilegamesof all time! Switch and match Candies in thistastypuzzleadventureto progress to the next level for that sweet winning feeling! Solvepuzzleswith quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded wi

  16. 16. Unpuzzle: Tap Away Puzzle Game

    Unpuzzle levels block by block! Tap away the puzzle blocks. Start swiping bricks! Train the brain! Like satisfying puzzle games & brain teasers? Play this tapping game! Clear the screen! Remove all the box arrows! Help them escape - fly away! Relieve your stress, relax your mind! Clear the level! More than 1000 tapping levels! A large number of app mechanics will make you think about brai

  17. 17. Offline Games - No Wifi Games

    Get ready for 'Offline Games': fun for all ages, and a mental workout too! This offline game collection is like an overflowing toy box packed with more than 20 unique minigames. It's designed for classic game enthusiasts, puzzle lovers, and challenge seekers. And the best part? You don't need an internet connection to enjoy it! Our array of Number Games like 2048 and 2248 will get your neurons

  18. 18. Traffic Escape!

    Traffic Escape is a fun and addictive 3D puzzle game. Tap to move cars but be careful, dont crash! Ready for a brain-teasing puzzle challenge on the open road? Look no further than Traffic Escape! Unleash your strategic thinking as you navigate through a gridlocked world of traffic and seek your way to freedom!

  19. 19. Tile Family: Match Puzzle Game

    This tile game is an addictive yet challenging tile matching game. It will help you to train your brain andcalmyour anxiety.Numerouslevels are waiting for you. Challengeyour skills withno time and space limitations. If you are a fan of matching, puzzle games, you will surely love our tile match game. All you need to do is find and collect three identical tiles. When all tiles are removed from

  20. 20. Woodber - Classic Number Game

    Ready for new number matching adventures? Each journey's got its own epic story. Dive into many stories and number puzzles to uncover secrets you never dreamed of! Woodber - a perfect combination of a classic number match with a wood block puzzle game! This old-school brain tester from our childhood has returned with a new witty look. Play this game every day to sharpen your mind and increa

  21. 21. Scavenger Hunt!

    Welcome to the scavenger hunt! If you love playing search and find hidden objects games, you have come to the right place! The Scavenger Hunt game is a level-up to the hidden objects genre - our maps are alive! You can see kids playing in the park, athletes working out, grannies blocking cars in a parking jam, all with one common purpose - to distract you from the scavenger hunt! Search and

  22. 22. Twisted Tangle

    Welcome to a unique puzzle experience ! The immersive 3D knot-solving game will challenge your mind and captivate your senses. Unveil the secrets of decoding near-impossible knots by mastering the finesse of pin manipulation. Dive into the enigmatic universe of Twisted Tangle, where fresh puzzles await your strategic brilliance every week. The courageous ones are summoned to confront the Bos

  23. 23. Water Sort Puzzle

    Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain! HOW TO PLAY: Tap any glass to pour water to another glass. The rule is that you can only pour the water if it is linked to the same color and therere enough space on the glass. Try not to get stuck - bu

  24. 24. Goods Sort - Goods Triple 3D

    Imagine being able to sprint through the aisles of a supermarket, frantically snatching all the toys, fruits, and snacks off the shelves within a limited timeframe. Well now, your dream can become a reality with Goods Sort! This game offers a meticulous 3D representation of various fruits, vegetables, candies, and animal toys, making it appealing to casual gamers and puzzle enthusiasts alike.

  25. 25. Project Makeover

    Give desperately needed makeovers to help people achieve their dreams! Choose highly fashionable clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and even furniture! Deal with dramatic characters like egotistical fashion icons, scheming assistants, or stubborn clients in dire need of a new wardrobe. Play challenging fashion-themed puzzles to help find that perfect look! And don't forget to customize your own signa