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  1. 🏆🥇1. Royal Match
    Welcome to Royal Match, the king of puzzle games! Swipe colors, solve match-3 puzzles and help King Robert decorate his castle. An exciting adventure is calling you! We have thousands of challenging match-3 levels for you to play in the Royal Arena! On this fun journey, you will solve exciting puzzles, receive coins for unlocking new areas, decorate King Roberts castle and get extra boosters to c
  2. 🥈2. Block Blast!
    Block Blast is a fun and addictive block puzzle game that serves as an ideal choice when you want to pass the time and challenge your brain. This brain game's objective is simple yet engaging: clear as many colored tiles as possible to achieve a high score. Mastering the techniques of filling rows or columns will make the puzzle game easier. This block puzzle game not only offers an enjoyable gami
  3. 🥉3. Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle
    Unlock Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle, a new free puzzle game to engage your IQ and test your quiz-solving skills! Be a master of removing all wood nuts & bolts tangles and don't forget to enjoy the mind-bending journey. ***Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle Key Features*** Creative Gameplay: Master the art of strategically rotating wooden bolts to fit them into place. Multiple Difficulty Levels: E
  4. 4. Hexa Sort
    Do you love color puzzles? Then Hexa Sort Puzzle game is a treat for you! Hexa Sort gives a twist to the classic sort puzzle game. Place the hexagon tile stacks on the board by color and watch the magic of sorting happen. The same colored hexa tiles will sort into places and merge with satisfying effects. Each level gives you a goal to collect a number of pieces. Keep track of the progress bar,
  5. 5. Traffic Escape!
    Traffic Escape is a fun and addictive 3D puzzle game. Tap to move cars but be careful, dont crash! Ready for a brain-teasing puzzle challenge on the open road? Look no further than Traffic Escape! Unleash your strategic thinking as you navigate through a gridlocked world of traffic and seek your way to freedom!
  6. 6. Tile Family: Match Puzzle Game
    Tile match is an addictive yet challenging mahjong-inspired tile matching game. It will help you to train your brain and calm your anxiety while enjoying the Mahjong puzzles. As with most puzzle games, numerous levels are ready to test you in tile match. Challenge your skills with no time and space limitations in Mahjong-puzzles games. If you are a fan of matching puzzle games or Mahjong, you wil
  7. 7. Wood Nuts & Bolts, Screw
    Get ready to embark on a mechanical journey like no other in Wood Nuts & Bolts, Screw Puzzle. Your mission is to untwist all the nuts and bolts from the Wood Nuts and strategically drop each Wood Nuts, one by one. This challenging and addictive Wood Nuts & Bolts, Screw puzzle game will put your problem-solving skills to the test as you twist, turn, and strategize your way through a maze of
  8. 8. Scavenger Hunt
    Welcome to the scavenger hunt! If you love playing search and find hidden objects games, you have come to the right place! The Scavenger Hunt game is a level-up to the hidden objects genre - our maps are alive! You can see kids playing in the park, athletes working out, grannies blocking cars in a parking jam, all with one common purpose - to distract you from the scavenger hunt! Seek and find
  9. 9. Tetris
    Welcome to TETRIS, the official mobile app for the worlds favorite puzzle game. Play through hundreds of unique TETRIS Levels in a new Tetris experience. Play a quick round to beat your own score, or play infinite rounds to master your skills in the TETRIS Single Player Modes. TETRIS forever! Enjoy the ultimate block puzzle game with these amazing features: PLAY HUNDREDS OF TETRIS LEVELS Puzz
  10. 10. Travel Town - Merge Adventure
    Explore Travel Town, where you can combine everything into better and more useful items while you travel the world! Reveal secrets as you discover yourself and help the friendly people of Travel Town! Follow Travel Town on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive offers and bonuses! Facebook: Instagram: Terms of Service:
  11. 11. Match Factory!
    Dive into the fascinating world of Match Factory, the brand new puzzle game from the creators of Toon Blast & Toy Blast. Once you play, you will come for Match Factory every day! Connect identical items, sort tiles, and clear the board in this mesmerizing match 3D game. Challenge your puzzle-solving skills as you keep sorting and matching objects until every item is cleared from the screen. Its
  12. 12. Ball Sort - Color Puz Game
    Ball Sort - Color Puz Game is an interesting color ball sorting game. While playing this game, you can not only relax and relieve stress, but also exercise your brain. Every time the colored balls are sorted and fill each tube, the sense of relaxation it brings will relieve stress and keep you away from daily worries. Ball Sort - Color Puz Game is definitely your best choice for exercising your br
  13. 13. Crossmath - Math Puzzle Games
    The BEST FREE Math Puzzle Games - Cross Math Game for you! Relax and train your brain now! Play it anywhere, anytime! Crossmath game is a fun and engaging math puzzle game that tests your problem-solving skills. The game features a variety of levels and difficulty settings, so you can find the perfect challenge for your math skill level. To play, you'll need to solve a series of math pro
  14. 14. Block Puzzle
    Drop the blocks to create vertically or horizontally lines of blocks without gaps. When such a line is created, it gets destroyed. Keep your board clear and keep your cool as things heat up in this simple but addictive puzzle game! Block Puzzle Features: - Beautifully easy and simple, no pressure and no time limit - Visually stunning graphics and amazing soundtrack - Easy to pick up, but hard and
  15. 15. Bubble Shooter Rainbow
    Play the classic bubble shooting puzzle game! Hours of fun matching the same colored bubbles Aim, match and pop your way through over 10.000 addictive bubble puzzles full of challenges and fun. Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master! Easy to play with a fresh and modern look Colorful and relaxing brain puzzle More than 10.000 levels No energy, no pressure Reach higher sco
  16. 16. Thief Puzzle: to pass a level
    Thief Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game that includes escape games, brain tests, and robbery games to test your IQ and problem-solving skills. With each level presenting a different brain teaser, Thief Puzzle is perfect for players looking for popular games that are both satisfying and relaxing. Train your brain with this offline puzzle game that includes various puzzle jigsaw challenges
  17. 17. Tic Tac Toe - 2 Player XO
    If you are a fan of Tic Tac Toe, please try this game. We have smart AI and 2 player mode that can satisfy all your needs. You will feel amazing with glow effect and cool animation. The AI of this game is smart & challenging, you can play with it for hours without getting bored. In addition, you can also adjust the difficulty of the AI with 3 levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. This game is also
  18. 18. Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle
    Color switch & match with Water Sort Puzzle. Enjoy Sort Water Color Puzzle Game! Need personal coloring therapy? Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle is a great stress and anxiety relief. Thousands of colorful and inspiring color puzzle in Water Sort Color Puzzle, designed to relax, expel negative thoughts and take away all the worries. Download Get Color - Water Sort Puzzle and get a personal relaxi
  19. 19. Merge Gardens
    Enter a mysterious garden to unlock its secrets, and uncover a story rooted deep in the past. When Daisy inherits her missing uncle's old estate one that she didn't even know he had owned her only mission is to get the old place in good enough shape to sell it. But as she quickly finds out, there are truly mysterious things going on with this mansion and its surrounding garden. Relax with this un
  20. 20. Fishdom
    Never Fishdomed before? Take a deep breath and dive into an underwater world of match-3 fun with Fishdom, an all-new free game! Try challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with unique puzzles as you decorate aquariums to create cozy homes for lovely talking fish. Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other. Hey, your finned friends are waiting for you, so dive in now and enjoy
  21. 21. Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzle
    Woodoku: a wood block puzzle game meets sudoku grid. Woodoku is a relaxing yet challenging wood-block-puzzle that youll be addicted to in no time! Relax & test your IQ with our logic puzzle games! Place wood blocks in the 9x9 board & fill rows, columns, or squares to clear blocks. Play the wood block puzzle for as long as you can without running out of space to beat your high score! Play
  22. 22. Color Water Sort Woody Puzzle
    Color Water Sort Woody Puzzle is a fun and addictive sorting game! Try to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors are in the same glass. Water sort puzzle games are always on the top. With a classic style of sorting game, Color Water Sort Woody Puzzle brings definitely a challenging yet relaxing game to train your brain! HOW TO PLAY: Tap any glass to pour water into another glass
  23. 23. Wood Block Puzzle-SudokuJigsaw
    Wood block puzzle is classic gratis jigsaw game like a tricky tetris and soduku for you to relax in the free time. Both kids and adults can play it. You can use holder to save the unwanted block for later usage, or rotate the blocks as needed. The score records keep you motivated. The music and animation give you happiness. Thus it is an easy, challenging and addictive game. Download and enjoy it
  24. 24. Paper Fold
    Get ready to have your mind folded, crumpled, and wonderfully twisted with Paper Fold the ultimate brain teaser that takes the art of paper folding to the next level! This logic game will have your brain firing on all cylinders as you dive into countless levels of pure folding fun. In Paper Fold, each sheet of paper hides a secret shape waiting to be uncovered. Just like the traditional art of
  25. 25. Block Puzzle: Block Smash Game
    Block Smash Journey [Block Puzzle game], is an excellent block puzzle game that improves your logic skills & refreshes your mind. It combines the free classic block puzzle game with the excellent cube block smash game, making it perfect for those who enjoy puzzle games, Cube block smash games & block smash games HOW TO PLAY? Drop blocks to create & destroy full lines on